#27 Instant Backend with Firebase


Firebase has a real-time database but it is a lot more than that.  Check it out for more info.  In this tip, I will just touch the very very basics.
Step 1: Create an account and an app at firebase
Step 2: Install the emberfire addon – see instructions.
Step 3: that’s it

Boom!!!  You just created your backend.  You can work with your ember models as you usually do and when you save them, they will be persisted to firebase.

Here is the BEST PART – firebase is realtime.  Open multiple browser windows and change your model in one of them – all browsers will update automatically in real-time.  Pretty cool for not writing any code. Don’t believe watch this animated GIF.

Like I said, there is a lot

to firebase than this (authentication, authorization, security, file storage, hosting and more).

PS: You can also deploy to firebase hosting, see tip #3.
PPS: I just launched www.ourstandup.com using firebase and ember and you can read more about over here.

Credits & Links

EmberFire – https://github.com/firebase/emberfire
Firebase – https://firebase.google.com/
OurStandup – https://ourstandup.com

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