#59 Ember Concurrency


Idea submitted by both Devin Weaver and Austin Burdine.
Tip by Devin Weaver
An alternative community de facto standard is an addon called ember-concurrency that makes a lot of the promise confusion go away.
It can be installed with the command ember install ember-concurrency.
Intuitive reasoning of complex asynchronous code.
Offers a complete API for managing tasks.
Can be canceled.
Can be used directly in a component without the need of a proxy object.
Destructures promises inside the task function.
Can use JavaScript try / catch / finally blocks to manage asynchronous assignment, exceptions, and cleanup.
Tasks are automagically cancelled on willDestroy event, avoiding errors setting values on destroyed objects (e.g. after a timer)
Not builtin – requires ember install ember-concurrency
Uses generator functions that can confuse developers used to promise chains.


Credits & Links

Thanks to Austin for the idea and Devin for write up.
ember-concurrency athttp://ember-concurrency.com/#/docs(good documentation, video and examples)
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