#64 Promise Proxy Mixin


Guest Tip by Devin Weaver
Ember comes with a built in helper that will provide computed properties for the status of an asynchronous task.


Built in – no need for an addon.
Can be managed in the life cycle of a component.
Provides convenient state properties that can drive the template logic.

Must be wrapped in an Ember.Object and cannot be applied to an Ember.Component directly.
Creates a disconnect between the original promise chain and the destructing of the content value.
Is not very intuitive and can be difficult to reason with.
Cannot be cancelled.



Credits & Links

Guest post by Devin Weaver
Website https://tritarget.org/
sukima on Twitter https://twitter.com/sukima
sukima on GitHub https://github.com/sukima
sukima on Keybase https://keybase.io/sukima
Answer on StackOverflow by Devin – http://stackoverflow.com/documentation/ember.js/1054/asynchronous-tasks-in-components/3399/promiseproxymixin#t=201608101635295267817

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