#74 Ember Suave Take 2

In the last tip, I talked about ember-suave but I got a message from Robert from ShipShape telling me about https://github.com/DockYard/eslint-plugin-ember-suave
It seems like this is the preferred way to go, so after installing ESLint in your app, you would install the plugin and tweak the configuration file and you will be all set.

Then add “plugin:ember-suave/recommended” to the “extends” array in .eslintrc.js file

There are otherwise to tweak and customize the setup which you can read about in the readme.
PS: I am moving www.emberdaily.tips to a wordpress site and you will be able to comment on each tip and give feedback. I have had errors in previous tips and people email me corrections but unfortunately, I cannot fix emails that are already sent out – so having a blog format site should work out well.

PPS: Another benefit of going with wordpress is that I can add you an author so if you want to contribute tips, you will be able to do so easily. Stay tuned.
Ship Shape
Ship Shape
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