#90 Observers Run Once

If you have an observer like this:

Then in your code, you write:

Your fullName observer will fire twice because both dependent properties changed.  You can work around this by using Ember.run.once:

This will ensure that any processing you need to do only happens once, and happens in the next run loop once all bindings are synchronized.

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  • Tschoartschi

    I always try to avoid observers. Right now I can not think about a case were you have to use observers. I was able to refactor all my observers with the “life cycle hooks” which components brought to Ember.

    • I am always nervous using observers but I can’t imagine completely getting rid of them. How would you handle this situation without observers?

      “you have a list of products in a shopping cart, when the user changes the quantity, you want to display a message if the quantity is > 5”

      Usually I would observe cart.items.[].quantity and then fire some alert(“Quantity is too high”) or something along these lines.

      PS: I know this is a bad example, but just go with it 🙂